The Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) is the foremost management school of the NWFP, and increasingly its recognition has been extending beyond the frontier. Our high standards help us to pick the best students across the country, our qualified and committed faculty members become not only academic mentors to them, but often personal ones too. The constant increase in the enrollment of students at IMSciences over the past few years is itself a testament of IMSciences unhindered progress and expansion.

The Institute of Management Sciences is committed to level out social inequity, its overall strategy of being a management school comprises to embrace and encourage needy students who deserve the best education on offer but are denied it because of unfavorable financial, development in the field of IT and Management education and capacity. Over the past year we have gained remarkable momentum in our operations and augmented the quality of outputs. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Japanese Government, Khushhali Bank and Frontier Education Foundation are amongst the many donor agencies that have funded us on competitive basis based on our strengths.

The institute of management Sciences is one of the eleven (11) partner universities which are closely working with Higher Education Commission, Agency for Education Development USA, USAID and having leading role in National Steering Committee (NSC) on University Advancement and Development (UA&D) as well as in National Steering Committee (NSC) on Financial Aid. You are cordially invited as strategic partnership for the implementation of projects in Education, Financial Aid, University Development, Capacity Development and Information Technology in NWFP.

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